Dense Feeling Moment (2024)

Wood, plexiglass, concrete, led lights, frame, static grass, resin, breathing toy dog, polymer-clay, silicone, mohair, foam board, miniature bricks, Popsicle sticks, wood stain, fabric, acrylic paint, foraged bones and small natural materials. 
18 x 19 x 17"

Bedside (2024)

Nightstand, paint, wood, concrete, foam board,  gravel, wire, miniature bushes, miniature streetlights, resin, led lights, lamp, airbrushed lamp shade, vinyl, red flocking fibers, sex toy. 
22  x 48 x 39”

Without you(2024)

Acrylic on board. 36x24”

Embarassed (2024)

Acrylic on board. 36x24”

Brave and Scared (2023)

Acrylic airbrush painting on board with jumbo thumb tacks. 30” x37”

When you care enough (2023)

Tissue, Wood, cement patch compound, starched fabric, gravel, birdbath.

Get Well, Concrete, soft pastel, rhinestones, moss, oil paint. 18” x 18”

General Occasion, Concrete, soft pastel, static grass, sand, gravel. 12”x16”

Happy Spring, 2022. Concrete, soft pastel, nail polish, static grass, rhinestones. 14” x 16”

Sympathy, Concrete, soft pastel, crepe paper dandelion flower, cast latex leaves, cast resin worm, gravel. 16”x16”

Sorry... (2023)

Acrylic airbrush painting on board, cabinet hinges. 18” x 24”

A moment’s ornament (2022)

Beach, Digital photograph of built set. Featuring resin mixed with sand, shells, acrylic painted

Web, Digital photograph of built set. Featuring silver necklaces, polymer clay spider, branches, spray paint, faux foliage, painted backdrop.

Ice, Digital photograph of built set. Featuring resin, epsom salt, chandelier crystal, branch, quilt batting, painted backdrop.

Well, Digital photograph of built set. Featuring bucket, wax, rope, foam, latex paint, plaster, handmade rug, painted backdrop.


Mommy daddy me (2018)

Stuck, Concrete, rebar, epoxy, chewing gum.

And, oil painting on canvas.   


His and Her’s, Foot bath, silicone worm, water pump, led lights, side table, ostrich egg, grow light, towel, metal bar, wood, carpet, diffuser.

Should and can, Oil and acrylic on canvas.

Knot, Turtle Sandboxes, paint, silicone, upholstery foam, urethane coating, and granite dust.

Charmed (2019)

Charmed, Wood, satin fabric, batting, metal chain, metal hardware, cast resin, flipper, fibreglass bandage, rhinestones, high heel, wig, phone case, clay, croc, silicone, tamagotchi.

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